Mixed Media

AfroFiber, 2012AfroFiber, 2012 is a multi-media artwork that reflects the challenges and social consciousness of bodies of African heritage, by giving credit to 9 artists from Puerto Rico and the United States. This project broadly serves to show our multifaceted lives and how our cultures and histories are pieces of one another, pieces of history, influences, and serves as an exercise in giving credit to those influences, not only in the content of the imagery, but in the references to external artistic sources.

After Imna Arroyo, Renée Stout, Samuel Lind, Jacob Lawrence, William Villalongo, Aaron Douglas, Antonio Martorell, Arnaldo Roche.

AfroFiber1 AfroFiber2AfroFiber3AfroFiber4AfroFiber5AfroFiber6AfroFiber7AfroFiber8